Imposed Polities

I began this research with my colleague Andrew Enterline in 2003. This series of studies was motivated by the U.S.-led invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan and seeks to better understand the conditions associated with the political stability, survival of democracy and autocracy, and regional effect of these regimes. While policymakers often reference the post-World War 2 cases of West Germany and Japan as examples of successful imposed polities, we argue that a broader perspective is needed. To date, we have identified and gathered data on 94 imposed polities since the beginning of the modern state system in 1816. Currently, we are working on papers that explore the duration imposed regimes last and the impact that other force deployment strategies considered by the United States in Iraq would have had upon the outbreak of the Iraqi insurgency. Our research on imposed polities was featured in a story in the Washington Post in 2007.

Replication Data:

(2005) Beacons of Hope? The Impact of Imposed Democracy on Regional Peace, Democracy, and Prosperity. The Journal of Politics 67: 1075-1098.Beacons of Hope (2005)

International Mediation & Diplomacy


My work on mediation examines the conditions under which third-parties tend to offer mediation and the conditions under which mediation tends to be successful. Core to this research is the idea that poorly timed mediation efforts are not benign. Not only do they waste the resources of the mediator, but such failed efforts may actually undermine future conflict management efforts. My current mediation work is examining the diffusionary effect of successful conflict mediation upon other regional conflicts.

Replication Data:

(2014) Rebels at the Gates: Civil War Battle Locations, Movement, and Openings for Diplomacy.

(2014) Nipping Them In the Bud: The Onset of Mediation in Low-Intensity Civil Conflicts

(2008) When Do They Say Yes? An Analysis of the Willingness to Offer and Accept Mediation in Civil Wars. International Studies Quarterly. (with Patrick Regan) When Do They Say Yes (2008)


My work on peacekeeping focuses upon the way in which peacekeeping interacts with other conflict management approaches, such as mediation and negotiation. Currently, I am working on a project examining the conditions that encourage durable peacekeeping missions, those that last until a civil war ends.

Replication Data:

(2005) The Peacekeeping-Peacemaking Dilemma. International Studies Quarterly 49: 621-645. Peacekeeping-Peacemaking Dilemma (2005)

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