Printable CV (last updated 11/2018)

Professional Appointment

Professor, Department of Political Science, University of North Texas, 2015-present

Chair, Department of Political Science, University of North Texas, 2014-2015

Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University of North Texas, 2009-present

Assistant Professor,  Department of Political  Science, University of North Texas, 2002-2009


Ph.D.,  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, IL, December 2002

M.S., Florida State  University, Tallahassee, FL, May 1997

B.A., University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, April 1994

Research Interests

International conflict, civil conflict, conflict management, peacekeeping,  externally imposed polities, contagion  effects


Greig, J. Michael, Andrew Owsiak, and Paul Diehl (Forthcoming) International Conflict Management. Cambridge: Polity

Greig, J. Michael and Paul Diehl (2012) International Mediation. Cambridge: Polity

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Keels, Eric and J. Michael Greig. (Forthcoming). Reputation and the Occurrence and Success of Mediation in Civil Wars. Journal of Peace Research.

Kirisci, Mustafa and J. Michael Greig. (Forthcoming). Reputation, Pressure, and Concession-Making in Claim Disputes. International Negotiation.

Greig, J. Michael, T. David Mason, and Jesse Hamner. (2018) Win, Articles Lose, or Draw in the Fog of Civil War. Conflict Management and Peace Science. 35(5): 523-543.

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the Peace After Civil War. International Interactions. 43(6): 967-993.

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Greig, J. Michael. (2015). Nipping Them in the Bud: The Onset of Mediation
in Low-Intensity Civil Conflicts. Journal of Conflict Resolution. 59(2):336-361.

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Enterline, Andrew and J. Michael Greig. (2008). Against All Odds? The History of Imposed Democracy and the Future of Iraq and Afghanistan. Foreign Policy Analysis 4(4):321-347.

Enterline, Andrew and J. Michael Greig. (2007). Surge, Escalate, Withdraw and Shinseki: Forecasting and Retrocasting American Force Strategies and Insurgency in Iraq.International Studies Perspectives 8(3):245-252.

Greig, J. Michael and Paul Diehl. (2006). Softening Up: Making Conflicts More Amenable to Diplomacy. International Interactions 32(4):355-384.

Enterline, Andrew and J. Michael Greig. (2005). Beacons of Hope? The Impact of Imposed Democracy on Regional Peace, Democracy, and Prosperity. (2005) The Journal of Politics 67(4):1075-1098.

Greig, J. Michael and Paul Diehl. (2005). The Peacekeeping-Peacemaking Dilemma. (2005) International Studies Quarterly 49(4):621-645.

Greig, J. Michael. (2005). Stepping into the Fray: When Do Mediators Mediate? American Journal of Political Science 49(2):249-266.

Greig, J. Michael. (2002). The End of Geography?: Globalization, Communications, and Culture in the International System. Journal of Conflict Resolution. 46(2):225-243.

Greig, J. Michael. (2001). Moments of Opportunity: Sources of Ripeness Among Enduring Rivals. Journal of Conflict Resolution. 45(6): 691-718.

Anderson, Pelle, Justin Bumgardner, J. Michael Greig, and Paul Diehl. (2001). Turning Down the Heat: Influences on Conflict Management in Enduring Rivalries. International Interactions. 27(3):239-274.

Non-Peer Reviewed Articles

Peacekeeping: Barrier to Durable Peace? (2012) emph{Yale Journal of International Affairs} 7:46-53.

Will We Know It When We See It? Evaluating the Success of Obama’s Policy in Afghanistan. (2010)  H-Diplo/ISSF Essays, Number 2 (with Andrew Enterline and Joseph Magagnoli).

Disaggregating the Incentives of Conflict Management: An Introduction. (2009) \emph{International Interactions} 35: 243-248. (with Kyle Beardsley).

No Good Choices. (2009) Foreign (with Andrew Enterline).

Book Chapters

Greig, J. Michael, Andrew Owsiak, and Paul Diehl (Forthcoming) Mediation and its Compatibility with other Conflict Management Approaches in Research Handbook on Mediating International Crises, ed. Jonathan Wilkenfeld, Kyle Beardsley, and David Quinn. Cheltenham: Elgar.

Greig, J. Michael (Forthcoming) Violence, Grassroots Pressure, and Civil War Peace Processes: Insights from the Colombia-FARC Conflict in After War Ends: What Colombia Can Tell Us about Peace and Transitional Justice, ed. James Meernik and Diego Esparza. New York: Columbia University Press.

Paul Diehl, J. Michael Greig, and Andrew Owsiak (Forthcoming) Major Processes and Structures of Conflict Management and Global Governance in Routledge Companion to Peace and Conflict Studies, ed. Sean Byrne, Thomas Matyok, and Imani Michelle Scott. New York: Routledge.

Enterline, Andrew and J. Michael Greig (2007) Must They Go Through Hobbes? The Revolutionary Provisional Government Model & Political Challenge in Imposed Regimes in Interim Governments: Institutional Bridges to Peace and Democracy?, ed. Karen Guttieri and Jessica Piombo. Washington: United States Institute of Peace Press.

Enterline, Andrew and J. Michael Greig (2005) Just the Good, No Bad and Ugly? The Re-
gional Impact of Externally Imposed Democracy in Sustaining the Peace: War Prevention and Peacebuilding in Post Conflict Societies, ed. T. David Mason and James Meernik. New York: Routledge.


2015-2018. Making an Impact in Policy Analysis in Georgia: Improving Re-search, Education, and Engagement. U.S. Department of State subcontract with the Free University of Tbilisi. Budget: $66,674. (Co-PI with Richard Nader and John Ishiyama)

2012-2013. CLEAR Learning Enhancement Grant to design PSCI 3810: Introduction to International Relations as an online course. Budget: $5000.

2011-2013. REU Site: Civil Conflict Management and Peace Science. National Science Foundation. Budget: $347,078. (with John Ishiyama)

2010. REU Site: Civil Conflict Management and Peace Science. National Science Foundation. Budget: $80,000. (with John Ishiyama)

2005. Broadening The Win-Set: The Effect of Peacekeeping on the Range of Negotiated and Mediated Agreements. University of North Texas Summer Research Fellowship.  Budget: $5000.

2004. University of North Texas Research Initiation Grant. Budget: $3800.

2003. University of North Texas Research Initiation Grant. Budget: $4000.

Honors & Awards

J.H. Shelton Excellence in Teaching Award, 2018: Recognizes a faculty member for a record of outstanding teaching at the University of North Texas for at least a five-year period.

University Distinguished Teaching Professor, 2014-present: Recognizes tenured faculty who provide outstanding teaching, instruct at the introductory levels of their disciplines, and promote continuous development of teaching excellence and improvement among their colleagues in the UNT community.

Faculty Leadership Fellow, 2014-2015: Selection based on record of scholarship, signicant university service, and strong leadership potential.

University of North Texas College of Arts and Science Teaching Excellence Award, 2014.

University of North Texas Honor Professor, 2008: This is a university wide teaching award given annually by the UNT student body.

University of North Texas Pi Sigma Alpha Graduate Mentor of the Year, 2007.

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